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Team Excellence




Team Excellence



Learn how managers of elite teams at

Google | Microsoft | Samsung | Netflix | Adobe | Intel | LinkedIn

use OKRs to consistently transform strategy to results and engagement

Crush the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

escape from mediocristan to 1% excellence boulevard

Measure What Matters

Pinpoint the crucial few metrics which drive team performance (practical 80/20 principle). Stop wasting time measuring things that don’t matter.


Create OKRs with 100% Buy-In

Master when and how to use the Top-Down & Bottom-Up approaches to creating OKRs that your team buys into 100% and with which your boss can’t argue 🙂

Get to High Performance by Default

Since “Excellence is a habit”, master the 5 keystone habits that embed OKRs into your team culture as the driving force for high performance and engagement.

Transform OKRs from Mediocre → Great

Become a dual-certified “Master Mediocre OKRs Detector” and a “Bad → Good → Great OKR Transformer”. Critical skills for creating the clarify that precedes mastery.

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Front-load OKR Success by Activation

Save your OKRs from the fate of “Avoid the Set-It-and-Forget” trap which underlies all failed OKR initiatives. The OKR Activation Canvas cures this ailment.

Free 45-minute Consultation

The first 100 students get a free 45-minute coaching call to help design & implement their customised OKR-deployment system.

The Ultimate OKR-Deployment Playbook

Expertise, validated by experience & experimentationn
  • Get 180 minutes of coaching from OKR, 4DX & Lean Six Sigma expert
  • Create the 1 OKR that captures your team's highest priority for this quarter.
  • Get unlimited document feedback to create, activate &  deploy your OKR-based strategy execution system.

Step Up to 1% Excellence Boulevard

results + engagement = customer fans