3 Tools to Create & Activate OKRs 

The SIPPR Canvas


  • One page model which empowers every team-member to tell precisely how the team creates value.
  • Quickly identify the 3-5 critical team KPIs and avoid the bad ones that make you look incompetent.
  • Identify the relationships you must build so that your team can thrive.

The OKR Activation Canvas


  • The most complete path to actualise your goals
  • Get a 360 view of every single resource you need to succeed
  • Zero in on the influential stakeholders whose support you need
  • Confidently defend every single budget request to your boss

The OKR Annual Planning Tool


  • One ring (😉) to bind your goals to projects to budget to FTEs 
  • Automatically either project-based or results-based or category-based budgets instantaneously.
  • Easily adjust your plans to changes in budget or stakeholder commitments 
  • Works with Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel