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There's a 67% chance that your brilliantly crafted strategy will flop!

In fact, you will be out-performed by a manager with a system for translating strategy into results & engagement. Questexcellence helps you build one in 12 weeks.

  • Get 180 minutes of coaching from OKR, 4DX & Lean Six Sigma expert
  • Create the 1 OKR that captures your team’s highest priority.
  • Get unlimited feedback to design & deploy your OKR-based strategy execution system.
  • Ensure victory through creativity & effort rather than luck.
  • Learn on your own terms of time, place and pace you choose.
  • A 1-page model of how your team creates, delivers and captures value. 

The OKR Deployment Masterclass for Managers

The 4 Phases to Execution Excellence

Scoptualize → Clariotize → Strativate → Triumptain

Each stage grows your confidence that you are leading your team on the right path to excellence.

The OKR Deployment Masterclass for Managers

Included with Your Questexcellence Registration

More than OKRs, an elevator to eminent excellence

Smart Videos

Don’t just watch, control it, engage with to deepen your understanding

Interactive App

Step by step instructions to transform every piece of learning into action for you & your team

Unlimited feedback

Unlimited feedback on your OKRs & system to ensure you get it right the first time

Questexcellence Conclave

Exchange ideas, tools, frameworks and tactics with other managers on the same journey

The OKR Deployment Masterclass for Managers

It's Time to Unleash Excellence

Clarify your strategy, make a plan & inspirengage your team


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Create your OKRs & KPI dashboard to measure & track what matters


Activate your OKRs and tie success to your team’s effort & creativity rather than luck


Integrate OKRs into your team’s processes & tools so that it’s not additional work

The OKR Deployment Masterclass for Managers

How do You Know if You're Doing OKRs Right?

Get realtime coaching within 12 hours

  • Get feedback on the quality of your OKR & plans from an expert within 12-hours.
  • By week 3, you will know that you have an OKR that measures what matters, resonates with your team.
  • Build confidence in your ability to lead your team transform vision into results and engagement.
  • Create a clear plan to integrate OKRs into your team’s tools, practices and processes and how you lead.

The OKR Deployment Masterclass for Managers


Will my OKRs be reviewed by a real person?

Yes, for 12 weeks from when you start, you can get feedback through every single step of crafting your OKRs and designing a system to ensure that your team actually accomplishes them. Your OKR Deployers Playbook app will remind you how to request for feedback at each stage. An OKR expert will respond to you:


    • 12 hours for Odin class holders
    • 24 for Thor class holders
    • 48 hours for Vidar class holders
What if my boss and the rest of the company don't know about OKRs?

Then you’ll be a pioneer. What you will accomplish through Questexcellence will :

  • make your boss want to role out OKRs across the rest of your organisation,
  • establish your team as the model for strategy execution excellence in the organisation.

How will I get my team to buy into OKRs?

By not comminting the 3 deadly rookie mistakes that make teams hate OKRs:

  1. Creating OKRs for your team.
  2. Not knowing where NOT to apply OKRs
  3. Not activating OKRs i.e. “Set and Pray”.

Questexcellence develops you, then guides you co-create OKRs with your team, virtually guaranteeing 100% buy in.

How does the feedback work?

Everyone who registers gets the OKR Deployment Playbook that lays out the exact steps to follow to create a high quality OKR, activate it, embed it into team processes and consistently transform strategy to excellence.

  • Any any point, you can request feedback on a task, an output that you’ve provided and get a written response within 12 hours.
  • You can also keep your questions and ask them during your coaching sessions with an OKR expert.

 Yes, that’s why we limit the number of seats, to maintain responsiveness.


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