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From Zero → OKR

Learn the 20% of OKR skills which deliver 80% of the benefits


Escaping Mediocristan

What are the 5 signs that your team is sliding into mediocrity? What is your role as a leader in this?


SMART goals are not enough

Where do SMART goals fall short? How to OKRs measure up?


Anatomy of the perfect Key Result

What are the 3 things which if you miss will break a Key Result?


Build great OKRs for your team

How do you create OKRs with full buy-in from your boss and directs?


Use OKRs in daily leadership

What are the 5 practices that help you lead with OKRs?


Levelling Up to 1% Excellence Boulevard

Now that you’ve cancelled Mediocristan, how do you gain permanent residence on 1% Excellence Boulevard?